Who We Are

SampleRx™ is a pharmaceutical supply chain management services company acutely focused on delivering innovatice sample medication services to the point of care.  Servicing healthcare organizations from across the continuum of care, SampleRx™ has developed tools and services to integrate within the healthcare service model accretive to the traditional practice workflow.
SampleRx™ offers physicians access to a complete portfolio of sample medication products, both brand and generic, subject to specific health plan / payer of care sponsorship.  While generic “sample” med programs have previously been unavailable, this in part was due to the high cost associated with sample packaging and distribution.  SampleRx™ eliminates this expense for all manufacturers, allowing physicians, patients and health plans the opportunity to fully explore optimal formulary management through appropriate medication therapies.
We invite you to contact us to learn more about the SampleRx™ portfolio of products.