What We Do

The SampleRx™ team has created a portfolio of tools and services to disrupt the traditional sample distribution channels with solutions driven by health plan and patient economic and clinical efficiencies.  A foundation of our service is the SampleRx™ Virtual Sample Cabinet that serves as the fully integrated (Health Plan / Manufacturer / Pharmacy) e-Prescribing gateway. With this gateway, physician’s and other prescribers can now be confident in selecting patient health plan approved therapies while also bringing pharmacy back into the traditional sample delivery channel, strengthening the medication cross check pathway.

The SampleRx™ Virtual Sample Cabinet consists of the following:

  • Web based, SureScripts® Certified virtual sample medication management platform
  • PDMA and FDA compliant sample medication management solution
  • Electronic Prescribing (eRx) at Point of Care fully integrated with patient / health plan specific formulary guidelines – Stand alone or EMR embedded  (HL-7)
  • Puts pharmacy / pharmacist into the sample medication delivery channel providing patients, prescribers and payers of care with enhanced safety mechanisms (dosing,  med / med, etc.)
  • Removes Sample Management Logistics from prescriber practice (physical space, personnel, regulatory compliance, sample dispensing logs, etc.)
  • Reduces potential liability issues related to medication errors, missing sample medication, dispensing logs, manufacturer product recalls, etc.)
  • Encourages the use formulary driven, step therapy guidelines.  (generic, brand & OTCs)
  • Prescriber directs therapeutic dispensing based on best clinical data, not what is housed in physical sample cabinet or recommend by the latest Pharma Sales Rep.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about how SampleRx™.