Physicians / Prescribers

Welcome to the SampleRx™ prescriber services center.  Registered licensed professionals are provided access to a host of sample medication tools to assist with their practice needs.  We have designed a centralized source to assist you navigate through the world of medication information and product evaluation.

Complete Sample Solutions
SampleRx™ allows licensed healthcare professionals to access a complete portfolio of sample medication products, both brand and generic.  While generic “sample” med programs have previously been unavailable, this in part was due to the high cost associated with sample packaging and distribution.  SampleRx™ minimizes this expense for all manufacturers, allowing physicians, patients and health plans the opportunity to fully explore optimal formulary management.

Improve patient safety.  Improve efficiency.

Electronic Sample Medication prescribing enables healthcare professionals to generate prescriptions which are electronically routed to the local pharmacy

  • Replaces physical inventory requirements and associated sample medication accountability issues.
  • Creates patient electronic record of product disbursement.
  • Prescriber instructions are always legible and documented.
  • Checks patient drug records for harmful interactions
  • Checks for match between patient age, weight and dosaage.
  • Fewer errors.
  • Reduces pharmacy callbacks for potential formulary or clinical interactions.
  • Can be integrated with EMR systems to create patient prescription history.

While e-prescribing sample medication platform benefits are many, changing from physical product dispensing at point of care to an e-prescribing SampleRx™ solution can be efficient and productive addition to any practice.  SampleRx™can help you implement a Sample medication system that simplifies operations and is easy-to-use.

To learn more how SampleRx can assist with your practice workflow, we invite you to contact us.