Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

The SampleRx™ Solution applies a proven marketing strategy — the use of sample medications to influence physician prescribing behavior – to reach more physicians more often and support the sampling needs of medical practices nationwide. Using the SampleRx™ web-based platform, a SureScripts® certified product, assists manufacturers reach “no-see” practices while providing tools and services to engage the prescriber audience. To ensure ease of use and the rapid fulfillment of sample requests, the SampleRx™ platform is linked to physician access points on the Internet and utilizes an internal gateway to create a e-Prescribing sample fulfillment channel.

The SampleRx™ fulfillment network is a proprietary, closed HIPPA compliant network maintained by RegionsRx LLC, parent organization of The solution consists of four components:

•The SampleRx™ Platform enables pharmaceutical companies to provide physicians with specialty and geographically specific, web-based access to medication samples and product fulfillment at the point of care;

•Regulatory Compliance which helps pharmaceutical companies meet with state and federal sample accountability;

•e-Prescribing Sampling Systems including alignment formulary compliance across brand, generic and OTC;

•Marketing Informatics, which provide important retrospective utilization statistics, promotional response analytics (samples to sales correlations) and return on investment analysis.

 We invite you to contact us and learn more about how SampleRx™ can work with your organization to deliver an incremental marketing channel beyound the traditional brand team initiatives.

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