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First Line Medication Delivery Network
Maximizing formulary choices at Patient-Physician Point of Service

SampleRx is a point of service (POS) based provider of innovative prescription and OTC sample management solutions. Our business model is focused on providing alternative medication distribution venues to health plan sponsors while integrating existing product fulfillment channels (physician, pharmacy, manufacturers & consumers). The SampleRx platform creates a centralized point of order sample product fulfillment electronic “sample voucher” system.

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The Benefits of ePrescribing and SampleRx Product Fulfillment
More than an electronic medium, ePrescribing improves the management of patient drug histories and provides immediate access to decision-support information at the point of care delivery.

• Eliminates handwriting issues
• Creates electronic records to ensure prescription information is not lost
• Checks for allergies, drug-drug interactions, dosing errors, therapeutic duplication, pregnancy-related issues and other patient-specific factors
• Maintains an accurate, comprehensive drug database
• Provides up-to-date formulary and insurance information
• Improves data exchange between prescribers and pharmacists
• Expedites prescription refill requests
• Reduces healthcare costs by improving work efficiency and identifying less expensive drug options

To learn how to integrate the SampleRx™ Solutions into your organizations Tools and Services please contact us to schedule a real-time demo of the SampleRx™ capabilities.